Introduction of “TSI Members Forum” for  members  
1.0 Use of Members Forum :
The much awaited Members Forum has now been activated on TSI Web site.

Step 1 :
The Members Forum button is located on right hand corner top on the home page.
On RHS top corner, under the members forum there is a button ‘need help ?’.
On clicking this button there is pop up as given below :

If you are a registered member of Tribology Society of India, please get login ID and Password.
Please do the following to get your login details:
1. Please mail to the site administrator at stating that you are a registered member.
2. Please mention your membership number in your mail.
3. Also please mention your contact details (Mobile number)
After receiving your mail, the site administrator will add you as a new member and a password will be generated for you and you will then receive a mail with your login details and by using the same you will be able to login to the members forum.

Step 2 :
1. After receiving your login details , please click at the member login button.
2. After clicking at the member Forum button , you will see a screen where you have to put your e mail id and the password you received from the site administrator.
3. After putting the password , the discussion board opens with various topics already put onto the discussion board.
4. You may choose any of the already written topics to comment upon or add new topic.
5. You may also change your password to a new one by clicking at the ‘change password, at the right hand corner of the computer screen.
6. You can also surf the ‘Tribology Library’ which has some items pre-loaded by the administrator / site manager ( if you wish any suggestion for uploading any item of interest to the members , please mail it to the administrator at
7. If you face any difficulty or you have any suggestion /queries , please do send an email to the Site Administrator at the email id given at point 6 above
  We hope you enjoy the content in the TSI Member Forum