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Previous Conferences of Industrial Tribology (ICIT & NCIT)
Final Tech Prog NTC 2011 2011 8-10 Dec 2011  
NTC 2011 2011    
TSI Conferences- NCITs and ICITs 2011    
7th ICIT (RDCIS 2010) 2010 Ispat Bhawan, SAIL, Ranchi, India  
National Workshop On Recent Advances in Eco-Friendly Lubricants 2010 Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India  
TRIBO - INDIA Conference (Tribology of Automotive
Systems December 11th-12th 2009
2009 Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, NEW DELHI  
6th International Conference on Industrial Tribology 2008 Indian Oil R&D Centre, Faridabad  at NEW DELHI Photographs
5th International Conference on  Industrial Tribology 2006 National Science Seminar Complex, BANGLORE
4th International Conference on Industrial Tribology 2004 Indian Oil Corporation, MUMBAI
3rd International Conference on Industrial Tribology 2002 Tata Steels , JAMSHEDPUR
2nd International Conference on Industrial Tribology 1999 Bharat Heavy   Electricals Ltd., HYDERABAD  
1st International Conference on Industral Tribology 1997 BALMER LAWRIE, CALCUTTA  
11th National Conference  on Industrial Tribology  1995 Indian Oil Corporation  (R&D), DELHI  
10th  National Conference on Industrial Tribology 1993 Indian Institute of Petroleum, DEHRADUN  
9th National Conference  on Industrial Tribology  1991 Central Machine Tool Institute, BANGALORE 
8th National Conference  on Industrial Tribology  1989   Vikram Sarabhai Space  Centre, ISRO  TRIVANDRUM
7th National Conference on Industrial  Tribology   1986 Indian Oil Corporation, BOMBAY  
6th National Conference on Industrial  Tribology  1984 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.,  HYDERABAD
5th National Conference  on Industrial    Tribology 1981 Indian Oil Corporation, CALCUTTA  
3rd National Conference on Industrial  Tribology 1979   Indian Institute of Petroleum, DEHRA DUN
2nd National Conference  on Industrial Tribology  1976 Indian Institute of   Technology, BOMBAY   
1st National Conference  on Industrial Tribology  1974 Indian Institute of   Technology, MADRAS  
World international Conference on Industrial Tribology 1972 Indian Institute of  Technology, DELHI  
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